Summer 2015 Research Group

Summer 2015 Research Group


Emma Price

I am entering the 10th grade at Marlborough School in Los Angeles. I’ve been on the FIRST Robotics team at my school since 7th grade, but I’ve been interested in engineering and computer science since before I could walk, playing with LEGOs and inventing new creations with cardboard boxes. I love robotics because of the people I get to meet. I’ve been able to talk, exchange ideas, and make friends with people I normally wouldn’t. Besides robotics, I play the violin both as a solo musician and in my church’s band. I believe it’s important for girls to be interested in computer science because the technological world lacks the female view in its decisions. A major demographic is missing, and technology can’t reach its full potential without everyone having input. Fun Fact: I love cats and can curl my tongue in a weird shape.


Anna Spearman

I am entering my senior year at Marlborough School in Los Angeles. I became interested in robotics and computer science in the ninth grade when I joined Marlborough’s high school robotics team. Robotics interests me because it has such a heavy impact on the world.
Besides robotics, I love to play tennis and pingpong.
More women need to be involved in robotics and computer science because increasing numbers of both genders involved in computer science and robotics could improve the tech world by everyone working together as a team.


Sasha Spala

I am a current undergraduate student at the University of Southern California. I will be graduating this year with my BA in Computational Linguistics with minors in Computer Science and East Asian Languages and Cultures (Emphasis in Chinese). I work with the CSavvy group as a lead mentor for our research team, helping with robotics education and computer science outreach programs. My passion is for Computational Linguistics, and I plan to pursue my PhD in the field after graduation, but I truly do enjoy working with the younger students to get girls interested in STEM fields. As a computer science student myself, I’ve experienced firsthand the disparity between genders, and I know how beneficial it is to have another woman on your team, in your class, and at the workplace. Our mission is to make strides in closing the gender gap, and in doing so I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with some absolutely amazing women.