Team Pleo Goals for Next Week

1. WT:
– get this set up on all of our computers
– understand how to code with it (using qt knowledge)
– begin incorporating Pleo into WT C++ game

2. Sensor Spreadsheet:
– where each sensor is
– explain trigger levels, etc
– does “show sensor” command in the terminal reveal what the Pleo is sensing?

3. Parsing Sensor Feedback:
– fix program which gives this information
– understand what the feedback Pleo is giving (can be done based on commands)

4. Adding to the Hardware Tool-Kit:
–  research more technical information about the Pleo’s sensors
– describe how to command each sensor, how to parse sensor feedback

5. Get to know the Scribbler:
– meet with your partner on the Scribbler side sometime next week
– know how to connect to Scribbler and program in Python and C++
– teach partner how to connect to and command the Pleo