Making a Pleo battery or usb/power adapter

Hi Group,

Based understating online dating on info from the forums on the new Pleo rb weekend retreat dec 3 2010 singles has its usb socket on the inside of the battery compartment, so the Pleo rb can not run while the usb cable is connected because the battery can not fit. Here is a picture of the usb/power adapter the manufacturer’s were considering making to connect the Pleo rb to an outside power source while the usb cable was connected:
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There is an post on the forum that talks about making a new Pleo battery Here is the tutorial: Pleo battery pack instructions Maybe there is a way to combine the usb cable and the battery pack, so both could fit or we could create our own usb/power adaptor. Would those of you with an EE background be able to help me make one?



Prof Tejada