Eric: Pleo C++ Connection Guide

This is a rough draft version.

You will need to use a 32-bit windows operating system to use C++ with Pleo.

If you have a 64 bit version of Windows, you will need everything listed below:

  1. VMWare Player
  2. Windows 32-bit (in VM Player)
  3. Visual Studio 2010
  4. Pleo Development Kit
  5. SerialGio Project file (My code)
If you have a 32-bit version of Windows, you will only need the last three items.

If you are using the 64-bit version of windows, please download VMWare Player: Then you will need a windows 32 bit image, which you can either get from your MSDNAA account (All USC CS students have one) or you can get it from the dropbox account I set up for the group (see the post above this one or email me for account name and password). You do not have to install dropbox to get the files. You can choose the login option in the upper right hand corner. Install VMWare Player and load the 32-bit Windows image onto it. This will take a while. For the rest of this guide you will only be interacting with the virtual machine.


At this point everyone should be using a 32-bit version of windows and have the password for the dropbox account (it was emailed to the group).

Download Visual Studio 2010 either from MSDNAA or the dropbox account and install it.

Download the from the dropbox account and unzip it.

Download the file from the dropbox account and unzip it.

Connect Pleo to your computer via USB and turn him on. Windows should detect that there is a new device attached, but it will be unable to find the driver. This is normal. You will need to open your device manager (Click on the windows button->right click on “computer”->select “properties”-> top left hand corner should be “device manager”). Select the item called “Pleo” with the little yellow triangle next to it. Right click on it and go to properties->driver tab->update driver->browse my computer for driver software. Find where you installed the Pleo Development Kit, and go to tools->drivers folder. If should then install the driver. Once it is finished go into properties and notice which COM port it is connected to. You will need this information.

Next open visual studio and find where you downloaded and unzipped SerialGio. You will want to open the SerialGio.sln file. Once that is open, find the file “Configuration.h” (SerialGio->SerialGio->Configuration.h)  and change the part in bold (“COM3”)

#define PLEO_PORT “COM3

from COM3 to whatever COM port your Pleo is using. Then, go back to the main.cpp and hit the little green triangle in the top menu to compile and run the code. If everything works you should see a terminal window. Type the command “sound play moo” .  If Pleo makes a moo sound you are good to go!