Michael: Pleo Observation

Date: 7/18/12


Female, Caucasian, 22, PR Consultant

Male, Caucasian, 19, Student in Engineering

Robot: Pudge (Pleo the teachers now possess)

What was the demo: Demo Mode

What did they say: “This is so cool! It really looks life like.”  “It’s so cute I love it!”

What did they do: Pet it, held it, fed it, played tug of war with it, and held it up by its tail

Method of interaction: Visual and touch

What did I do: I asked Tara (the female) what she liked best about the robot and she responded that she liked how the robot reacted differently depending upon how it was touched. For example, the robot responds differently to different ways of petting it (long strokes, short stroked, more pressure, etc)

What you think about their emotional state (happy, angry, scared, and why we think that): Enthralled, they were all extremely disappointed when the Pleo ran out of batteries because they wanted to keep playing with it. They even developed a slight emotional attachment to it and ask me every day when I can bring it back!

Duration: 30 minutes