Papers & minutes

For Wednesday’s discussion, we need to read the following papers:

Michael’s Paper: “So that’s what pi is for!” and Other Educational Epiphanies from Hands on Robotics

Chelsea’s Paper: Science for young learners: Foundation-building classroom curriculum.

Kate’s Paper: Assessing the impact of using robots in education…

Mirza’s Papers: TeRK: A flexible tool for science and technology education…

Eric’s Paper: What Can Actors Teach Robots About Interaction? PDF: Actors teach robots

&& Robot diaries: Creative technology fluency for middle school girls

Assessing the Impact of Using Robots in Education, Or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chaos PDF

Development of a Laboratory Kit for Robotics Engineering Education PDF

The Debugging Task: Evaluating a Robotics Design Workshop PDF

Action items:



Eric, Lizz, Kate, Michael: Please choose a paper from this site to present on Wednesday

Educational Robotics and Beyond

Kate and Chelsea: Please post the pdf of your papers so we can all read them by Wednesday.

Eric: Post the minutes from last Wednesday’s group mtg & literature review asap.