Minutes- July 18

Minutes- July 18
In Attendance: Prof. Tejada, Irina, Francesca, Michael, Eric, Mirza, Chelsea
Absent: Lizz, Kate

Reminder to set up individual weekly meetings
Looked for Michaels paper online
General paper search tips (Google, professor webpage, contact professor directly)
Update on leaning towards using scribblers with the teachers instead of Pleos
– Paper presentations
Francesca: Church, W., Ford, T., Perova, N., & Rogers, C. (2010). Physics with robotics: Using LEGO MINDSTORMS in high school education.
Irina: Jerry B. Weinberg, Jonathan C. Pettibone, Susan L. Thomas, Mary L. Stephen, and Cathryne Stein The Impact of Robot Projects on Girls’ Attitudes Toward Science and Engineering
Eric: Bradley S. Barker and John Ansorg, Robotics as Means to Increase Achievement Scores in an Informal Learning Environment
Group conferences