07.13.12 – First Meeting with Teachers

Last Friday, I met with the Los Alisos teachers, Angelica Gunderson and Regina Snyder for the first time. I really enjoyed working with them and learning about their experience with robotics education. They already had Calico installed and were able to connect to the robot, so we focused on writing a simple program for the Scribbler. I asked them to draw a star using the basic commands and a for loop. With a little guidance on what Python commands to use, Angelica and Regina were able to write a program that drew a point of the star, then repeated for a total of 5 points. Debugging the program was tricky, however, as the Scribbler didn’t perform consistently and frequently drew different length lines or mismatched angles. The teachers (and I) found this discrepancy quite frustrating, and felt that it would discourage their students.