Demo Observations

Date: 07/13/2012
Person: Random adults and visitors outside of the campus center.
Demo: I demo’d free-moving Pleo attached by USB to the computer for optional commands.
What they said: “I wish I could have this as a pet”, “Oh it’s so sweet”, “I would want Pleo to understand me”, “Oh that is sad” when turned upside down, “It’s like it’s alive.”
What they did: Pet the Pleo, looked at the sensors, tried touching Pleo in multiple receptive places, held Pleo upside-down, played tug-a-war with Pleo.
What you did: I showed the sensor paper, suggested interactions, and asked them questions. I also recorded the people through a spy-web-cam.
What you think about emotional state/ why? People were really sympathetic to the Pleo, one man when asked said that he wouldn’t feel comfortable dropping or hurting the Pleo, which is counter-evidence towards the study where kids said that they wouldn’t feel bad about breaking a robot in terms of feelings.