July 11 Minutes

Minutes- July 11

In Attendance: Prof. Tejada, Lizz, Irina, Kate, Francesca, Michael, Eric, Mirza
Absent: Chelsea



–       Teachers from Los Alisos came to talk to us

  • Student Introductions
  • Teacher introductions
    • Reggie Snyder
      • Introduction to robotics using Lego Mindstorms
      • Project lead the way- introductory robotics, using vex and robot c
      • Coach robotics competition team for Lego Mindstorms
    • Most important experiences for kids- think of a goal for your robot and try to figure it out- having control
    • Kids work in teams, largest group was 6, average was 4, sometimes worked in pairs
    • Tasks are divided up by the kids- team manager, material specialist, programming specialist
      • Understood that everyone is a builder, everyone builds, everyone contributes to programming, and everyone contributes to the programming
    • Use the robots to teach science and math concepts such as
      • Forces of motion
      • Friction
      • Types of energy
      • What types of math do you need to determine wheel rotation
      • How much weight can the robot carry and still go the same speed
    • Taught how to use a pseudo-code, and then used drag and drop programming for lego-mindstorm
    • This year teaching robot c, to prepare for 8th grade where they use robot c


–       Scribbler Demonstration to teachers



–       Everyone doing their own work



–       Everyone needs to record observations from last week including:

  • Date
  • Person
  • Demo
  • What they said
  • What they did
  • What you did
  • What you think about emotional state/ why?



–       Demo at noon in front of the bookstore

–       Supplies needed in general

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Nametags
  • Information cards

–       Team Scribbler – Leader: Francesca

  • Pong
  • 4 robots
  • Power strips
  • Twister
  • Poster

–       Team Pleo – Leader: Irina

  • 7 robots?
  • Collars
  • Name cards
  • Survey
  • Film it
  • website


–       Supplies from the car came! Crafts!


–       Watch your batteries