C++ in Calico – Intro Reading

Because Myro-C++ is unsupported for Windows and quite difficult to use, Team Scribby has discussed writing C++ files for Calico. I definitely think this idea is better over the long-term because it gives us more control and would probably be easier for inexperienced programming students to use. I have been looking at the source code for Calico, particularly at the language definition files. They all have a similar structure that we would have to replicate for C++. The IPRE wiki has a very informative page on language documentation and development here that discusses adding a new language and also compiling in CSharp. I was able to compile in CSharp using mono, but I can’t get the Calico editor to load any language but Python – by starting the program from Terminal you can add command line arguments (./StartCalico –lang=csharp) is what I’ve been trying, but Calico still loads in Python. Any ideas?