Pleo Task List for Demonstration on June 13th, 2012

Pleo with pre-programmed behavior [Lizz & Little Foot & ??]:
– Pleo (Grandpa, Little Foot, Marlowe, Leslie)
– (W) Collar nametags for each Pleo
– (W) Information Sheet about the Pleo (to be carried over to the web site)

  • Description of Pleo
  • All of their names
  • Background information/ A little bit about how it works
  • Where to find more information

Pleo that can be controlled with a basic set of commands [Kate & Leslie]:
– A camera to record what is going on
– A table for laptop and Pleo
– (W) Instruction sheet

  • Overview for connection
  • List of commands that they can enter in

– (W) Interview questions about Pleo interaction

  • Date
  • Person
  • Robot
  • Demonstration
  • What they said
  • What they did
  • What you did
  • What you think about emotional state/why?

Pleo controlled through a mobile device [Eric & Grandpa]:
– A table for laptop, phone and Pleo
– A power outlet for router (need to scope out area)
– (W) Instruction sheet for controlling Pleo from personal phone

  • The website
  • What to do on the website

Pleo controlled via coded program saved to SD Cards [Irina & Marlowe]:
– A table for laptop and Pleo
– (W) Instruction sheet for basic overview