Pleo Demonstration

With a basic set-up of four stations:
crested butte live web cams Al Pleo that just demonstrates its pre-programmed interactions gay singles sites
– A Pleo that can be controlled via terminal
– A Pleo that can be controlled via Cell Phone
– A Pleo that shows the programming and results of the robot

*** A general description should be printed
*** Each robot should be named (histories?)
*** Perhaps have a webpage for each robot off the site

What our questions is:
What interests humans the most about robots – physical interaction or control on the programming side? Which Pleo station will attract the most people, the most people of each age, and the most people of each gender?

How we will find these results:
Record the entire demonstration on a video and observe who came over and to what station. Surveys before and/or after the interaction to get some insight as retrosexual female internet dating to how the interaction changed their opinions.

Our hypothesis: People will be more interested in interacting with the robot at… at first. But, after initial introductions are complete, people will be interested in further discovering the robots abilities; the programming side of robotics. People will progress through the stations starting with simple interactions to the more complicated programming.

We predict that we wont see a major difference between gender interest. Children will probably be more attracted to the interaction side. The older the person, the more interested they will be in the technical/programming aspects of the Pleo.