Observations, First Demo

Today we ventured onto campus for some interactive heidi montag sex tape online research! We set up a demonstration of the Pleos and Scribblers in front of the USC bookstore in the hopes of attracting the attention of passersby. Fortunately, there was plenty of interest, particularly in the Pleos. People of all ages, but particularly children and young adults, wanted to play with the dinosaur and some even asked where they could buy one. However, few people were interested in the Scribblers. The majority of the people who asked us about the robots were already knowledgable about robotics and programming.

A biology professor here http://experienceavl.com/singles-vacarions-e3d8/ at USC and her young son were definitely the most active participants. Her son had worked with robots before at a summer camp, and was very excited about the Scribbler. The professor watched me demo WarKing – drawing circles and avoiding obstacles, mostly. Her son seemed euro singles dating online eager to play with the robot, though she was reluctant to let him touch it. The professor noted that the robot was agile http://fromunderthecherrytree.com/twin-cities-web-cams-3lx and had relatively powerful sensors for its size. The son only mentioned that it was more advanced than the robots used at his camp. http://teadeafiran.com/free-nsa-sex-sites-3n5k

While it was disappointing to see our dear Scribblers overlooked, it confirmed our theory that the Pleo is a more approachable robot. The Pleo looks like a toy – people didn’t need much instruction on how to play with it. The Scribbler’s purpose isn’t as obvious because it is very versatile and can be played with in many different ways.

It was interesting to see many different reactions to the robots. Most folks thought the Pleos were adorable, but some were scared of them. The Scribblers were generally more interesting to parents and older students, who were curious about the robots’ capabilities. Overall, it was a productive afternoon of research. The Pleos and Scribblers excel in very different areas, and each http://fastactionadvantage.com/cute-usernames-for-dating-websites-il has weaknesses as well.