Troubleshooting: Scribbler Serial Port Not Recognized in Calico (Mac OS X)

Yesterday I was finally able to fix an ongoing problem – Calico couldn’t recognize the Scribblers’ serial ports. I could see that the robot was connected via Bluetooth, with a serial port named “scribbler”. Googling the problem revealed a variety of solutions, but disconnecting and reconnecting, using a different robot, and even reinstalling the software did nothing to fix it. The Calico Project website did mention that OS X may change the name of the serial port from “scribbler” to “scribbler04” or some other number, without displaying the new name in Bluetooth setup. I couldn’t find the renamed serial port, and deleting the port had no effect. On a whim, I made a new port named “scribby” – and it worked. I haven’t determined why, but my theory is that the serial ports are not really being deleted, just removed from the Bluetooth setup screen. When I added the port back, under the same name, the number is concatenated just as it would be if I were to unpack the same file twice in one place.

Bluetooth Setup in OS X

TL;DR : Scribbler won’t launch in Calico? Rename the serial port and try again.