Pleo Scripting

Writing Pleo “skits” using GUI program internet dating in beijing Myskit
Writing Pleo scripts and compiling them in Pawn without a GUI program
Controlling Pleo via serial port and Putty

Unreliable serial port communications
Limited scripting control

Next steps:
Investigate C++ serial port interface and the LifeOS embedded operating system on Pleo



I was able to get the Pleo SDK to work, at least on a basic level. The SDK is very well documented, so I will skip over some of the basics. I used Microsoft Visual Studio to write a basic Pawn script which will replay some of the stock sounds and motions based on sensor input. This file is then compiled using a tool which is included in the SDK. The advantages of this over using a GUI based program like Myskit should be greater control.

For example, the script I wrote has Pleo take 3 steps forward when you touch his back. I was able to implement this with loops that would not have otherwise been available in Myskit.

Serial Communication:

I believe the key to using Pleo as a C++ tool (and via cell phone) will be learning how to access the serial connection using C++. For example, a beginning C++ student could write a program which would send the command “sound play 4096” over the serial port to Pleo, who would then play the growling sound. However, there is still the issue of the serial connections constantly being dropped.